2020 Election
Early Voting Starts October 24th

November 3rd promises to be an historic election. In the midst of a grossly mismanaged pandemic we are confronting an unprecedented amount of corruption in the White House, intense civil unrest and extraordinary demand for epic change to our justice and civil systems. This could possibly be the single most important election in our country's history.

2020 is also a local election year, and this year we only have one seat in contension. The Kinderhook Democratic Caucus met on Thursday, July 23rd and voted unanimously to give the ballot line to Melissa Miller, of Valatie. Read more below about this amazing candidate!

Election Day Is November 3rd
Melissa Miller
Candidate for Kinderhook Town Board



"I have always been the type of person that likes to make change. I like to help where I can."

The Caucus for the Nomination of Candidates for Member of Kinderhook Town Council was held on Thursday, July 23rd. Melissa Miller was nominated as candidate for Member of Kinderhook Town Council. Following her acceptance of the nomination, she was unanimously endorsed by the Democratic Caucus. In her nominating remarks, Columbia County Coroner Bernadette Powis described Miller as "very active in the community, dedicated and energetic." 

A resident of Valatie, Melissa Miller is a long-time member of Ichabod Crane's PTA, and is currently in her third year of service as the organization's Treasurer. She serves on the board of the Kinderhook Dog Park, is a member of the Human Rights Committee for Coarc, and dedicated her time as a Girl Scout troop leader in the district for 7 years. These experiences are demonstrative of her level of engagement in the community with particular dedication to children, families and animals. They have also provided her the unique opportunity to cultivate meaningful relationships across our local community. Valatie Mayor, Diane Argyle believes, "Melissa is a good fit for the position and will bring new energy to the Town Board."

In her acceptance of the nomination Miller said, "I have always been the type of person that likes to make change. I like to help where I can." Melissa Miller is committed to listening to the community and working with the other members of the Town Board to enhance the lives of all residents of our Town - a place in which she is deeply invested.

Melissa Miller pictured with her husband Michael Miller and daughter, Kaylee Miller. Not pictured, daughter, Breonica Miller

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