Local Democratic Committees

County and Town

Both Columbia County and the 18 towns and 1 city within its borders have independently run Democratic Committees. Openings come and go on each so reach out to the committee of interest to you in order to join. Town Committees gather together monthly for a county wide meeting to discuss shared concerns and to keep abreast of neighboring Town happenings.

Local Boards

County, Town and Village

Opportunities on local boards are abundant. Different municipalities have regular board openings for all of Planning and Zoning, Historical Preservation, Education, Economic Development and more. Having Democrats on local boards helps ensure Democratically spirited policies govern and shape our local communities.

Rally, Resist, Advocate

Use Your Voice

Spread the word! Help your local Democratic organizations by "Liking" their Facebook pages. Join newsletters and circulate critical information to your friends and neighbors about what your local representatives are doing. Pick up a phone and CALL your local representatives to tell them what you think about upcoming votes or recent legislation. Strength is in numbers so bring friends with you to local board meetings, to visit representatives offices or to attend rallies and protests. Remember, your representatives work for you, regardless of party affiliation. Let them hear you!

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